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Isocort is a brand name for an O.T.C. form of hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone is the main hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. Like all hormones it has many actions. Probably the main one is responding to stress.

If you want to know a lot about it and how to use it you can read Safe Uses of Cortisol Another reference is found in Stop the Thyroid Madness RevolutionTreatment/dp/0615477127/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1336585668&sr=1-1 Another, much shorter reference is on our site under conditions/ adrenal fatigue.

There are more complex ways to try out isocort than the one I typically suggest. But there are probably people who wouldn’t respond to the way I do it. They may be better off reading one of the above books and doing it the hard way.

I don’t know your particular circumstances so don’t do this without a Dr.’s direction. But a simple way to find a useful dose is to take it is 3 pellets the first A.M. If no response, try 3 in the A.M. and 3 at noon (or 2 P.M.) If no response, the next day try 6 in the A.M. and 3 at noon. If no response, the next day try 6 in the A.M. and 6 at noon…no response? Try 10 and 10. I wouldn’t go higher than that. Also if responding, try to find the lowest dose that works. Now how do you know it’s working? Typically people say they have more energy. Some claim it either calms them or helps their pain. I always ask them to follow their symptoms on the adrenal sheet because most of what’s on the form is likely to get better but they wouldn’t realize this without keeping an eye on their symptom scores. You can chart your symptom scores on the back of the adrenal form found on this site under conditions/adrenal fatigue.

Within a few months 95% no longer need Isocort. We theorize that your adrenals have had a rest so have recoverd enough to work just fine without help. It seems that those who keep needing Isocort are under too much physical or emotional stress for their adrenals to recover.

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