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VSAT means “Vital System Assessment Tests” and refers to the tests that make up VSAT. In general, they are pulse wave velocity, heart rate variability, and sudomotor function. These tests are well established in the medical literature relative to necessity and efficacy.

The VSAT equipment is built to ISO 9000 standards and is FDA compliant. Peer-reviewed and University Studies are verifiable by a simple Google search.

In 1 to 2% of the tests performed urgent medical intervention is warranted that can potentially be lifesaving.

In almost every test performed, there are treatments, therapies, medication changes and suggestions for further testing that could, for example: save your life, get you off a medication that is not working or causing a problem, start you on a therapy, medication or supplement that could improve your symptoms, longevity, health or quality-of-life.

The testing is pleasant and restful. Some people actually fall asleep during the test. Depending on your medical history, the test takes 15 to 30 minutes.

The vast majority of our patients at Innovative Medicine will have a baseline test and likely subsequent follow-up tests.

The cost of the test, as it is preventative, is covered by all insurances from dollar one; no co-pay/no deductible. For those who do not have insurance or have insurance that we do not accept, the cost of VSAT is partly covered by our concierge fee + a small additional charge. So if we accept your insurance, there is no out of pocket expense and the rest pay a small charge.

The company that provides the technology and equipment has been in business for over 14 years. Predecessors to the equipment that we have were housed in three large pieces of hardware…. I guess about the size of apartment sized refrigerators. You can imagine such complex, expensive technology is typically only found in large research centers.

Over time, the technology has been advanced, refined and miniaturized until now a technician can carry most of the equipment in a couple of large briefcases. Even though the equipment is not that big anymore, we still had to pay $150,000 to obtain this miniaturized, advanced, fantastic technology for our clinic.

The data we collect, minus patient identification, will be used for research. In our case, I imagine we will prove our alternative therapies are not harmful, as our medical mainstream detractors accuse. In fact, I bet we will prove our alternative therapies are extremely beneficial and superior to competing mainstream medical therapy.

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