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We have many supplements that are custom manufactured. This is done to create a powerful combination that cannot be found anywhere else; also at a great low cost to you. A few of them are available elsewhere, but it’s difficult to find them at our low prices.

We try not to use any useless fillers. Each cap is packed to the hilt with potency and value. Our formulas have more individual, powerful, expensive ingredients crammed in than any others I’ve ever seen. This substantially increases the number of different things you are taking with far fewer capsules to swallow each day.

These supplements are only for patients of INNOVATIVE MEDICINE. They can be purchased at the office or you can call 765-637-0630 and place a mail order. The cost for shipping and handling any size order is $20.

Adrenal Support– Adrenal Support contains the most powerful and effective combination of ingredients for the adrenals ever in existence. The only other way to get these ingredients would be to purchase many separate bottles for 10 times what we charge for our formula. We have an adrenal questionnaire that rates your adrenal symptoms. After filling it out I ask you to take 2 caps every morning. Then in a month or so compare your current list of symptoms with the original you filled out. In almost every case, people notice an obvious great improvement in their symptoms overall.

Bone Building Formula – Bone Formula is far more potent than Boniva and every other drug put together. This formula increases bone density so fast that your mainstream doctor will think the test is wrong. Our formula contains an effective dose of strontium along with the main co-factors missing for making strong bones fast. i.e. vitamin D and K.

Brain Formula – Brain Formula is the most concentrated group of brain power enhancing ingredients ever put together in the same capsule. Some say they notice a mood lifting effect and others note a little extra energy after taking four caps of the brain formula. The label says to take up to 2 twice per day but one could take twice that much twice a day.

Carb Craving Formula – this weight loss formula’s claim to fame is the largest dose of chromium available anywhere by a long shot. And the cost is far less per dose than the next most potent dose out there. The biggest dose you can otherwise find is 1,000 m.c.g. which may cost $1/dose. Ours is 4,000 m.c.g. at a fraction of this cost. At this dose 80% of people have no carb cravings within a few days. So the rest will be able to kill their cravings by taking as much as 6 per day in extreme cases. In addition to chromium, to fill out the cap are many other valuable ingredients thrown in for free. For example irvinga at 150 m.g.s per cap would cost $108 for what is found as just an incidental ingredient in our formula. The milk thistle would cost as much as the entire cost of our formula and is also included for nothing. For most people this formula kills cravings for $8.75/month. So a bottle of #120 costs you $35 (Jan 2011).

DHEA-25 – DHEA is a hormone of youth that declines with age. It is fantastic; too fantastic to try to summarize here. I suggest men limit DHEA to 50 m.g. as higher doses will cause an increase in their estrogen levels.

DHEA-50 – DHEA converts to testosterone in women and converts to estrogen in men. 50 m.g. for most women will give them a teenage level of testosterone. This may give them a sex drive. If it doesn’t help enough, we add testosterone cream to the clitoris. 50 m.g. of DHEA in women will increase their testosterone enough to give them physical strength and allow them the capacity to rebuild muscle similar to when they were teenagers. This testosterone level will also give them a calm self-confidence and emotional strength.

Energy 1 - is used to improve brain function and is energizing for many people. It is composed of nootropics. A nootropic is a substance that helps the brain work better.

Energy 2 - is used for energy and makes the brain work better. The ingredients are called nootropics. Nootropics make the brain work better; are often taken by students to make better grades. But most take our formulas for the obvious energy boost many feel.

EPA-DHA – EPA-DHA is good for your brain and heart. There have been volumes written and thousands of studies to show how wonderful this is for your health. Take at least 2 grams per day.

Heart Formula – Heart Formula is meant for those old enough to be concerned about heart attacks, strokes, blood clots in the legs and blood clots going to the lung. The nattokinase is at triple strength level which should protect from just about any abnormal clot if taken every 8 hours. For those at less severe risk, taking it twice per day should be a good protection. The dose of nattokinase usually costs about a dollar per day. We sell our heart formula for exactly this, $30 per month, but unlike anything else available, we throw in several other cardiac ingredients for free. For example $30 worth of coQ10, $30 worth of resveratrol, L-carnatine, hawthorn. Just to name a few great additions at no extra charge.

Immune Formula #1 - this formula is a less powerful, less expensive One-A-Day version compared to formula #2 super strength. It is still a stronger formula than you’ll find anywhere at any price. Even though it is less than half as strong as our super strength formula, it is also only One-A-Day and less than half the price. It was meant as an inexpensive anticancer supplement but some say they get the same type of relief from recurrent infections that others get from immune formula super strength.

Immune Formula #2 (Super Strength) – Our immune formula contains the longest list of powerful, immune system stimulating ingredients in existence. The only other way you can find this list is in 11 separate bottles. So with one cap twice per day you are taking what you would otherwise need to swallow 11 caps to assimilate. It was primarily designed based on many years of clinical experience to dramatically decrease chronic recurrent bacterial and viral infections. Most people note that their recurrent sinus infections are gone; their recurrent shingles disappear, no more sore throats, ear aches, or urinary tract infections. People just stop getting sick – or at least are getting sick less often. Even though it was designed primarily for infection prevention, as it turns out, many ingredients are well known to prevent cancer. For men, this formula contains enough zinc to lower their estrogen levels; enough iodine to decrease their prostate cancer risk over 80%, and their overall cancer risk by at least 77%. For women, it decreases their breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk by over 80% and their overall cancer risk by at least 77%. Actually the cancer risk reduction for both sexes is likely understated as the above statistics are only based on 2 of the many ingredients. There are many other ingredients that combined would bring general cancer risk close to ZERO! Some get relief from seasonal allergies. This I didn’t expect but many have mentioned this effect. In addition to the immune enhancing effects, each daily dose contains a big dose of chromium, 1,000 m.c.g. to help kill carb cravings… In fact there are several individual ingredients that would everywhere else cost you more than the entire amount you pay for our immune formula. In other words, there is no way you could buy what’s in the immune formula without having to buy over 11 separate bottles and you would have to pay at least 10 times more than what we charge for our supplement.

L-Tyrosine – L-Tyrosine is the precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that the ADD meds work on as well as the weight loss meds. Over time the medications don’t work as well because they deplete your dopamine levels. L-Tyrosine, at a good enough dose, bumps up dopamine levels to work as well as they did the first day you took them. The biggest mistake patients make is not taking enough. Yes, some respond at only a few caps per day but many need 4 to 8 in the A.M. and 2 to 4 in the P.M. If it’s not working for you, you aren’t taking enough.

Melatonin 3mg – This is a starting dose for sleep. If one doesn’t help you can titrate up to a max of 7 caps. If this doesn’t help, we can try other things.

Melatonin 10mg – Click to see the product label.

Melatonin 20mg – Click to see the product label.

Multi-4 – Our Multi-4 is a power packed multi meant to be taken at 2 twice per day. It is a complete multivitamin/mineral formula that features a whopping 1,000 m.g. of vitamin C and a mega dose of iodine. This dose is based on the average Japanese intake which is hundreds of times more than the average American intake; a robust vitamin D dose; therapeutic doses of the colored antioxidants. Lycopene, Lutein, astaxanthin and beta carotene; a big dose of chromium, magnesium, all the trace minerals, 75 m.g. of the B vitamins including and over 16,000% of the RDA of B12. Just to tell you a little more about only one of the ingredients in multi-4; astaxanthin. This ingredient increases good cholesterol and decreased triglycerides. If you Google astaxanthin you will see it does a lot more than this. In fact you would see that the dose of astaxanthin alone may cost more than what we charge for the whole formula.

Red yeast rice extract - this is the first thing we try to lower cholesterol. It works about 95% of the time. Red yeast rice extract has a lot more benefits than just lowering cholesterol. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, red yeast decreases overall death rates by 32%, decreases heart attacks by 37%, stroke by 44% and decreases cancer by 51%!! I guarantee that Lipitor doesn’t do any of this. An advantage of buying red yeast from us is that our version contains not only the full dose of red yeast rice extract but also a big dose of astaxanthin then as well. Ataxanthin has a number of benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiaging, cholesterol-lowering and anticancer benefits. Our formula also contains CoQ10. In spite of these extra ingredients, our price is about as low as you’ll find the same dose of red yeast anywhere else. Some red yeast products do not lower cholesterol because they are garbage. We know our version is good because it actually works. We know this because we have been checking cholesterol levels for years on hundreds of patients taking our version of red yeast.

Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) – Vitamin D 5,000 units is 2.5X the upper limit of safety if you believe the government. This can be made by a young sunbather in 5 minutes. 5,000 units isn’t enough to get to an optimum level but is much better than taking less. I can’t do justice to vitamin D by trying to tell you what it does in a paragraph. You may check if you wish. One little factoid is that all causes of death go down as vitamin D levels go up. Another is that weight loss is more difficult with a low-level vitamin D and less difficult with a high level of vitamin D. Vitamin D is extremely anticancer. Lower vitamin D levels increase perception. Higher levels of vitamin D decreased pain perception. A caution is that if you are taking these higher levels of vitamin D, do not take extra calcium. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption. At these higher levels if you are taking extra calcium you may end up calcifying soft tissues or may end up with kidney stones. A solution is to take vitamin D at good levels and avoid calcium supplements.

Vitamin D3 (10000 IU) -Vitamin D 10,000 units is enough for most to get near an optimum blood level. Check for info on D.Vitamin D (50,000 units) – Vitamin D 50,000 units. We sell these in packs of #10 for $10. To get from a winter blood level of D to a young life guard level takes millions of units. Some take 50,000 units per day for up to 40 days. This gives 2 million units which goes a long way toward a young sunny summer level. This level strengthens your immune system against infection and is strongly anticancer among many other benefits. Vitamin D can be toxic as it is an oil soluble vitamin. The average mainstream doctor would freak out if he knew you were taking these doses of D. But they don’t know mainstream doctors in the early 1900′s Rxed vit D at 150,000 units per day as an average daily dose to treat autoimmune disease and asthma. No one had symptoms of overdose at even a half million units of D per day. It wasn’t until some were up to a million units per day that overdose symptoms showed up.

Zinc 50 Plus – contains 50 mg zinc along with a little copper to balance it out. It also has a good dose of tribulis and beta sitosterol along with a good dose of Vitamin D and iodine. This is mainly designed for men on testosterone injections. But this supplement would also be good for men who wanted to make the most of their natural testosterone. The formula is the same as Zinc 100 plus except with less zinc; both for the same very low price. The 100 mg option is better for lowering estrogen and should be used if it doesn’t bother your stomach too much. So the 50mg option is for those who can’t tolerate the larger dose. It is dosed at one twice per day. One per day won’t lower estrogen.

Zinc 100 Plus– contains 100 mg zinc along with a little copper to balance it out. It also has a good dose of tribulis and beta sitosterol along with a good dose of D and iodine. This is mainly designed for men on testosterone injections. But this supplement would also be good for men who wanted to make the most of their natural testosterone.

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