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Energy Boost Treatment in Lafayette IN

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Nutrition: Avoid starchy food. It gums up the gears of your metabolic machinery; eat plenty of protein and take a high potency vitamin/mineral formula such as the one I designed for myself, Multi-4; only available at our clinic.

Sleep: a chronic lack of good deep sleep is a health disaster in progress. Deep sleep is the time when your body repairs itself and gets rid of the metabolic waste products that build up during the day; like the maintenance crew that comes in to repair, repaint, clean and take out the garbage after the kids on spring break in Florida. So without good sleep it is like living in body that is a trashed out mess.

For one thing, we know that the lack of deep sleep is partly responsible for the buildup of garbage in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease. The lack of deep sleep is associated with weight gain, depression and a poor immune system that can contribute to health problems like cancer….The list goes on and on. That’s why I said that the lack of good sleep is a health disaster in progress. Besides that, for the short term, if you don’t get good quality sleep, of course you are not going to be recharged for the next day.

I assume that anyone reading this has enough common sense to know that getting to bed on time and sleeping in a quiet, dark place is basic. Beyond this, you can start with Melatonin at 3mg. Every night, increase the dose to a maximum of 21mg per night. 3, 10, and 20mg doses are available at the clinic. 5-HTP is another option. 5-HTP can be dosed from 100 to 600mg at bedtime. For sleepless women, 90% respond perfectly to pure natural progesterone. There are many natural/herbal remedies for sleep that usually don’t work. But we do have a couple of natural formulas at the clinic that sometimes work well. You can ask for a free sample. That exhausts my natural tricks for sleep, but I believe if you are still not sleeping at this point it’s better to take a drug to sleep than to lay miserably awake. Benadryl or Unisom are over-the-counter and actually work well in many. If none of this works, I can prescribe a sleeping medication for you.

We have practical options at the clinic for treating and diagnosing sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea. One option for diagnosis is sending you home with equipment that measures several physiologic parameters as you sleep e.g. your brain waves, oxygenation, respirations and airflow.

Exercise: Any kind of exercise that keeps your heart rate over 120 beats a minute for 40 minutes, seven days a week… will work fine. But if you do not have time for that, you can do any kind of exercise that is too intense to do for more than a minute or so. Intense short bursts of exercise probably does more good than a more time-consuming amount of exercise at a lower intensity.

Supplements: Supplements are an easy way to greatly improve your health. We make it easy for you at innovative Medicine because we have very high potency, intense combinations custom manufactured for us available to you at low cost. Taking one of our ‘’super immune/formula #2’’ capsules twice a day along with 2 ‘’Multi-4’’ capsules twice a day is a very powerful and cost effective way to dose nutrients that would otherwise only be found in about 15 separate bottles….. Costing well over $100/month.

Thyroid: As we age, our thyroid doesn’t work as well as it did when we were younger. If you suspect that you may be hypothyroid, even if you have been told your lab tests are “normal”, we can offer advanced thyroid therapies that usually have a significant impact. Before I offer you treatment, I expect you to do your own homework on this subject. Read “Stop the Thyroid Madness”.

Hormone Replacement: As men and women age, the hormones of youth wither away. Along with this hormonal decline goes a decline in life force. Testosterone replacement in aging men makes a profound improvement in energy and well-being. Menopausal women have a much more severe problem. However, this is easy to correct with natural hormone replacement.

Adrenal issues: We have a questionnaire at the clinic that helps identify people with waning adrenal function. Take two per day of our adrenal formula for two months and then recheck your questionnaire. I can practically guarantee a marked improvement.

Energy producing nutrients: There are many nutrients that may help your energy a little bit. Starting out, I would suggest you take our Multi-4. B-12 is basic. We have it in drops, injections and it is at high doses in all of our formulas.

Instant energy pills: We offer two of these: Energy 1 and Energy 2. They are composed of different mixes of natural nootropics. I suggest at first not to buy a bottle as neither may work. First try a sample. They work very well for about half of us.

Amphetamines: This is a remarkably energizing class of drugs used to treat attention deficit disorder, binge eating disorder and narcolepsy. We cannot use it just to help your energy level but it is a nice side effect if you happen to need this drug for the FDA approved conditions.

Thyroid PX: As we age our metabolism/energy drops. Your thyroid hormone increases your metabolism and energy. But as we age, our thyroid receptors become less sensitive to thyroid hormone. The symptoms of aging and the symptoms of hypothyroidism have a lot in common because many of the symptoms of aging are caused by poor thyroid function.

Thyroid PX re-synthesizes our thyroid receptors to thyroid hormone. If it works for you, gradually you need less and less of it until you no longer need it. So when it works, it is a cure.

Besides improving energy and metabolism, helping thyroid function can improve a lot more symptoms:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • PMS/ irregular periods/menstrual cramps/infertility
  • Anxiety/irritability/panic attacks • insomnia/needing naps
  • Memory loss/decreased concentration
  • Allergies/asthma/hives
  • Joint pain/muscle pain/carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Constipation/irritable bowel syndrome
  • Dry skin/dry air/hair loss/White hair
  • Fatigue/poor motivation/depression
  • Heat or cold intolerance/flushing
  • Acne/easy bruising/slow wound healing
  • Frequent colds and sore throats
  • Ulcers/heartburn/bad breath
  • High cholesterol/hypoglycemia

How to take thyroid PX: Start by taking one thyroid PX the first day. If nothing happens take to the second day. If you don’t feel improvement in energy take three the third day. If no improvement, increase by one a day until at eight a day. Four twice a day may work better than eight in the morning for some people. Continue taking it until the bottle is gone. If nothing happens by that point, you are a non-responder. In other words, If you have made it that far without any help, you are one of the 33% who do not respond to thyroid PX.

The main way to know thyroid PX is working that your energy is up. Some of the other symptoms listed above can certainly be better but energy is the most obvious way to adjust the dose of thyroid PX.

Besides improving energy, thyroid hormone tends to treat cold intolerance. If the thyroid PX has not increased your actual body temperature but has improved your energy level and some hypothyroid symptoms, don’t worry about the temperature. Adjust the thyroid PX to improve your symptoms.

If you are already on thyroid hormone replacement, you may be able to reduce the dose or get off of thyroid medication. If thyroid PX works for you, after about a year you should be able to discontinue it and maintain your improvements. We that works is that you need less and less of the thyroid PX until the point you no longer need it.

Caution: Thyroid PX may cause hyperthyroid symptoms like palpitations, nervousness, insomnia or feeling hot. This is a very good sign; shows that the thyroid PX is working and that you just need to lower your thyroid replacement dose. If you are not on thyroid replacement and have hyperthyroid symptoms you just need to lower your dose of thyroid PX.

The biggest reason for failure to respond to this treatment or any of the other treatments that we offer is noncompliance. If you don’t actually do the therapies as directed, you are unlikely to benefit.

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