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Antiaging Medicine in Lafayette IN

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Anti-aging medicine is a broad subject that I can’t cover on a web page like this but I can tell you that working on your health in any way qualifies as a start.

The basics are a positive mindset, diet (low starch/high protein), exercise (push extremely hard for a very short time or less hard for a longer time..daily) and get a restful sleep. Good quality sleep is not as easy as we get older. Women are lucky because a good dose of progesterone by mouth gives most of them a deep peaceful sleep as well as many other benefits. Melatonin can be dosed up to 20mg and will help some people and 5-HTP at up to 600mg will work for a few. GABA at a few grams will also work for a few people. Magnesium at one gram will help some. But if you don’t get help naturally; it’s better to be put to sleep with a drug than be left tossing and turning all night. Two drugs OTC that work on a lot of people are benadryl and doxazosin. If those aren’t for you then there are many Rx sleepers I can help you with.

Supplements would be the next in line. They are an easy potent thing to do for your health. This would start with a strong multivitamin Multi-4. There are lots of other supplements that are helpful like the omega 3s, vit D, multi-minerals, anti-oxidents et you can get good doses of much of this and more in our Immune Formula(Super Strength) It is cheap, extensive and all in only one pill twice per day. See our other supplements here.

A very powerful, easy way to impact your health is to replace your hormones of youth. For men this is mainly Testosterone.... for women female hormones For all of us getting older this would include something even more potent; human growth hormone. But the most powerful thing you can do to become younger would be with your own stem cells.

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