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ADD is attention deficit disorder. ADHD is ADD with Hyperactivity added.

ADHD kids usually loose the H (hyperactive) part as they mature. But most still don’t focus well as they age.

There are many nutrients that may help this problem:

If you Google zinc and ADHD you might come up with this.

If you google DMAE and ADHD you may find this.

I’m a big fan of treating ADHD and ADD with drugs like Ritalin because they obviously work. For a physician like me, Rxing this type of medication can be part of making living by doing good works. But this part of my business was derailed once I realized how effective a “quack” treatment not only treats ADHD, but actually cures it.

I’m very much put off by multi-level marketing because most of it is overpriced crap that only works by placebo effect. In spite of this there is one product offered by Rexall that not only treats; it cures ADHD!

I would never be guiding you into a multi-level marketing scam but this is the only available from a Rexall distributor. Good thing is that you don’t have to get involved in the marketing aspect to just purchase it from a distributor. So you can just Google calmplex2000 and purchase it from any of many distributors. Only buy a small amount to see if it works. You probably won’t have to but may need to double the recommended dose. If it works, you may only need to continue the treatment for several months. I’m not aware of anyone with ADHD that hasn’t responded. I am also not aware of anyone who has needed the treatment any longer than a few months.

I am also not aware of anyone without the hyperactivity component who has responded to calmplex2000. From my experience, once the hyperactivity has disappeared, calmplex2000 is no longer effective. So, for them I can still scratch out a living prescribing adderal, Ritalin etc.

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