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Autoimmune disease means your immune system is attacking yourself. This does not mean you’re immune system is too strong; it means your immune system is screwed up.

There are many things you can do to unscrew the situation to make your immune system healthy and strong:

I could take thousands of pages to start to tell the story of vitamin D, resveratrol, testosterone, growth hormone, stem cells, etc. but I will limit this page to telling you about a few easy, cheap, quick fixes:

Our immune formula (super strength) contains many powerful ingredients at a fraction of their typical cost in one capsule taken twice per day. This formula keeps most chronically ill people from being sick.

So if I had a problem with my immune system (and I do) I would start by taking our immune formula. Apart from our immune formula there are therapies I would add under certain circumstances:

The first thing I would add (and I have for myself) would be Carnivora. This is available at our office at a discount.

There are other basic things one can do to improve their immune system and general health:

Low-carb, high-protein diet rich in vegetables Routine daily high-intensity bursts of exercise. Deep full sleep every night (if you can’t do this on your own. I can help you) Spiritual health…. You are on your own with this. Lyme’s Disease- many of us, if not most of us (all of us?) Are chronically infected with a variety of bacteria and viruses. So apart from the basic things mentioned above I would suggest using a combination of many powerful agents to combat this problem that are included in our immune formula and add carnivore.

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