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Belly fat (visceral fat) is particularly difficult to lose. The main reason you won this ugly, round pendulous prize was pigging out on starchy food.

So the number 1 way to avoid a bigger round belly is to stop porking out on starch.

The only way to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit related to calorie expenditure. But the most disastrous calorie intake is starch (soda pop, high fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar, pasta, bread, potato chips, cookies, cakes, etc.). So if you don’t want to look pregnant, stop eating high glycemic index foods (starch).

You might say “I ate all the crap I wanted when I was young; despite eating like a pig, I didn’t have this double chin, big fat butt nor this pregnant sized belly’’.

That is because your metabolism was higher, you had a higher growth hormone level, your inflammation level was lower, your testosterone level and your DHEA level were higher.

Increasing your metabolism is easy. Thyroid hormone adjusts your metabolism so taking exogenous thyroid hormone will work every time.

It is easy to get your DHEA level up by taking 25 to 50 mg of DHEA. DHEA converts to testosterone in women. This is very good for females, but 50 mg will increase testosterone enough to cause teenage acne in about 10% of older females.

In ladies the increase in testosterone will improve dry skin, decreased fat mass, increase muscle size/strength and improve sex drive.

For men, the most effective way of increasing testosterone levels is by injections of testosterone. Naturally testosterone converts into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is far more anabolic than testosterone itself. Brand names of DHT are Decadurabolin and Nandrolone. DHT may be the most powerful way to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

Regarding DHEA, more is better for women but in men 25 mg every morning, it’s enough to help decrease abdominal fat. A higher dosage of DHEA for men will only increase estrogen which is not desirable for them. For men, the younger level of DHEA provided by 25 mg is desirable for many reasons including decreased abdominal fat.

Decreasing inflammation is easy with omega 7. CRP blood level is the main way we measure inflammation. 220mg per day works like a charm to bring down C-Reactive Protein.

Increasing growth hormone is done by small injections of either growth hormone or growth hormone releasers every day and is not cheap.

DHEA and Omega 7 are available over-the-counter.

For growth hormone or to increase testosterone/DHT in men requires expertise that is difficult to find. But we help people with this type of thing in our clinic.

Getting thyroid hormone to increase your metabolism is also something for which you would need a physician’s help.

Most physicians will not help you with growth hormone, testosterone nor thyroid hormone for the purposes mentioned above. This is mainly because they have no clinical experience with such matters.

Physicians are not taught to help people improve their health. They are taught to push drugs for big Pharma. Straying from this party line can be dangerous for a physician. We no longer live in a free country; we live in a police state.

DHEA and Weight Loss

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