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This is an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease. But just because you have it does not mean you are doomed to diarrhea, gut pain and expensive pharmaceuticals. Our drug companies would be thrilled to keep you believing that they are the only ones who can help you.

Some of the things that help a little or a lot are:

Stay away from crap food. Mainly this means starchy carbs; anything made with wheat or sugar. For instance. Cow’s milk, milkshakes and ice cream are a big problem with some people with Crohn’s disease. Some people will stay in remission just by staying away from either milk, wheat or both.

Omega-3 (DHA/EPA) oils decreased Crohn’s exacerbations by one third in at least one study. They were probably using 1 g. We often use 8 g. I can guarantee you; the more the better.

Anything that decreases inflammation will probably help Crohn‘s disease. High dosed vitamin D decreased inflammation. Consistent intense exercise decreases inflammation more powerfully than anything else we know of. Lycopine, lutein, resveratrol etc all decrease inflammation. These and many more are included in our Immune Formula, superstrength.

At our office, Innovative Medicine, as mentioned, we have a fantastic supplement that helps in most cases (think 100%) involving the immune system. It is called immune formula, superstrength. Taken twice a day it almost never fails to work. But its power is definitely amplified with the other formula designed to work with it, multi-4. The idea is to take immune formula super strength twice a day and multi-4, 2 caps twice a day. This combination costs a little over $40 a month but is far more powerful than anything else you can get at any cost.

Vitamin D was in the physicians’ desk reference in the 1950s to treat autoimmune disease (think Crohn’s disease) at a starting dose of 150,000 units per day. I wonder how many people with Crohn’s would not have symptoms on doses like this?

At our office we offer options for doses at 10,000 units and at 50,000 units of vitamin D per day.

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