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This is caused by resistance to insulin. This in turn is caused by high blood sugar. And this can only be caused by you eating a lot of those tasty carbs that increased your blood glucose in the first place.

Your response to a surge of glucose (from tasty addictive crap) is for your pancreas to pump out insulin to get rid of this danger to your health. So insulin causes your addiction to be stored as fat.

With your insulin receptors being constantly pounded with insulin, over time they become less responsive. So it takes more and more insulin to bring your blood sugar down. Eventually, even though you are squirting out a ton of insulin, your receptors have become so insensitive to insulin that the amount of insulin you are making isn’t enough. So, your blood sugar levels creep higher and higher until you are labeled a diabetic. This process usually takes a couple of decades.

But you can slam on the brakes to your self destruction; stop eating the crap that caused it in the first place. This of course includes anything made with sugar but also includes anything made with wheat flour, even whole wheat flour. You can add fruit juice right along with soda pop. Fruit juice is loaded with fruit sugar. Lots of processed food that isn’t even all that sweet is loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Sure, this all tastes good. But if cigarette butts, cockroaches and strychnine tasted good would you eat that too. These foods make us fat, hypertensive and diabetic.

Main stream advice would be for you to eat a low fat diet. If you do this you are almost certainly going to replace the fat with carbs; of course the tastiest ones; the ones that fatten you up and end up causing adult onset diabetes. So if you follow his well intended, misguided advice you would be falling right in line with the drug companies want…. You will be the next customer for their newest, most profitable drugs for diabetes.

So, by the time you have been classified as a new onset diabetic, you have been on the way there for most of your adult life. It may take more than a diet change to bring down your sugar. I always start patients on metformin for this. It helps decrease insulin along with your sugar and is cheap. If not under control the next thing to add is berberine. This herb has different mechanisims of action than metformin, works as good as metformin and isn’t too expensive for what it does. There are a few newer drugs for diabetes I like too. But they are all extremely expensive and sometimes don’t work very well. There are diabetic drugs I don’t like but just about any of them are better than leaving your blood sugar high.

Good thing that most are under control with just diet and maybe metformin and or berberine.

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