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Dry eye is typically induced by something irritating the eyes like smoke, dust, pollen, chemical fumes, allergens etc. This results in inflammation which causes the dryness.

Dry eyes aren’t caused by a Restasis deficiency. Ristasis works by suppressing your immune system. It contains an old immunosuppressant, cyclosporine. So, if your dry eye problem is a result of inflammation, ristasis will probably work. So the drug works like most therapies big pharma promotes; just covers up symptoms with something that is expensive and slightly poisonous.

Dry eye tends to develop as we age; more common in women; especially menopausal women. So, declining hormones are a potential contributing factor. It happens more often as we age so an ageing, weakened immune system no doubt contributes as well. The weakened immune system may be contributed to by other declining hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid and adrenal hormones. With ageing the immune system is affected by nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep and a lifelong accumulation of environmental toxins.

So as you can see there are likely a lot of factors contributing to any case of dry eyes. Treating it naturally with hormone therapy and nutrition also goes a long way toward treating most other age related conditions. So you would be improving your overall health and quality of life by traveling this path; getting rid of dry eyes would be only one of many improvements.

But if all you want is a quick fix you can try Similisan Pink Eye Relief from your health food store or off the net. Another treatable cause is low testosterone, especially in women. One study used a 3%testosterone cream on the eyelids of men and women with low testosterone. It caused improvement in most of the postmenopausal women but didn’t work as well in the men.

In natural or alternative medicine we try to find and treat the cause of the problem.

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