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There are many factors that exhaust your energy supply. I’ve had good luck with a number of treatments for this. Nutrition: Avoid starchy food. It gums up the gears of your metabolic machinery. Take a high potency vitamin and mineral formula, such as the formulas that we have here at the clinic.

Sleep: If you don’t get enough good quality sleep of course you are not going to have as much juice the next day. I assume that anyone reading this has enough sense to know that getting to bed on time and sleeping in a quiet dark place is basic. Beyond this, you can start with Melatonin at 3 mg. Every night increase the dose to a maximum of 21mg per night. At the clinic we also have 10 mg and 20 mg. Capsules. 5-Hydroxytriptophane (5-HTP) is another option. 5-HTP can be dosed from 100 to 600mg at bedtime. For hormone depleted women with insomnia, natural hormone replacement can be a godsend. I know there are herbal type remedies that are supposed to help but none of them work for most people. That exhausts my natural tricks for sleep, but I believe that if you are still not sleeping at this point it’s better to take a drug to sleep than to lay there awake. Benadryl or Unisom actually work in many, though they can leave a hangover. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines often give peaceful sleep. Lastly, we can resort to sleeping medication if needed. Ask about ANSAR. It may cure your insomnia. Another option now available is BRAINWAVE BIOFEEDBACK.

ANSAR: This is a test for your nervous system function that can help point to a cure for fatigue, insomnia, etc.

Brainwave Biofeedback: this is a way to restore mental energy and to some degree, physical energy.

Thyroid: As we age our thyroid just doesn’t work as well as it did when we were younger. If you suspect that you may be hypothyroid, even if you have been told your lab tests are “normal”, we can offer advanced thyroid therapies that usually have a significant impact. Before I offer you treatment, I expect you to do your own homework on this subject.

Hormone Replacement: As men and women age the hormones of youth wither away. Along with this hormonal decline goes a decline in life force. Testosterone replacement in aging men, starting even as early as the 30’s, often makes a profound improvement in energy and well-being. We use a tiny bit of testosterone in women for improvement of their sexual function; however some women also remark that the testosterone helps their energy level as well.

Adrenal Treatments: We have a questionnaire here at the clinic that helps identify people with waning adrenal function. But the only way you know that you are going to respond to adrenal treatment is to take it and see if it helps. We have a very powerful adrenal formula here at the clinic that is ridiculously under priced. Take 2 in the morning. Some people notice an improvement within the first month; however, most people do not pick up on the subtle improvements that have happened until they refer back to the Adrenal questionnaire. It is then when it finally dawns on them how much better they are after just a few weeks of treatment. After many months of treatment you may be able to stop the adrenal formula and feel just as good without it.

Energy producing nutrients: There are many nutrients that may help your energy a little bit. Starting out, I would suggest you take our Multi-4. Beyond this, there are many other nutrients that may help your energy level. Blast-Off is a quick fix formula available at the clinic. It actually gives an obvious boost in many people. B-12 injections are effective for some people and can be administered at home.

AMP+: This is what we call a combination of B vitamins and Adenosine Monophospahate administered by injection. This treatment is so effective in some cases that people actually become energetic enough to automatically burn off excess weight. This therapy can give permanent energy requiring any more injections after the first 20 to 60 doses.

Full Cort Press: This therapy includes AMP+ injections every day or every other day as well as Super Immunos (high dose Intravenous vitamins and minerals), and I.V. amino acids twice a week. This combination is our most expensive and most powerful way to bring people back from the edge of their grave. This combination therapy can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

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