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Cured with Vitamin A

Try taking 50,000 units of vitamin A per day for a month and see if that fixes the problem.

Yes vitamin A can be toxic but there have been people taking 25,000 to 50,000 units daily for long periods of time for different reasons. For example, taking similar doses of vitamin A along with hundred milligrams of zinc a day can be used to treat difficult cases of acne.

In a study published in 1977 menorrhagia was greatly improved or eliminated in 92% of the women in the trial.

What follows is from the research article: “Serum vitamin A was measured in 71 women with menorrhagia. Vitamin A levels were significantly lower than in controls (healthy women attending the gynecology clinic). Patients with menorrhagia were given vitamin A (25,000 IU twice daily) for 15 days. Of 40 patients so treated, menstruation returned to normal in 57.5%, and there was a substantially diminished menstrual period or a reduction in the duration of menses, or both, in an additional 35%. Thus, 92.5% of vitamin A-treated women had either complete relief or ‘material improvement.’ . . . There was a significant increase in17-beta-estradiol levels after vitamin A treatment.”

In other words, the women with heavy bleeding had low vitamin A levels. Giving them I dosed vitamin A increase their estrogen levels and improved or eliminated their menorrhagia. They were only given the treatment for two weeks so my guess is that maybe 100% of them would’ve been cured by taking it for more than two weeks.

HighI dosed vitamin A is not recommended for pregnancy so should be stopped at least a month before trying to get pregnant.

Lithgow DM, Politzer WM. Vitamin A in the Treatment of Menorrhagia. S Afr Med J 1977: Feb 12;51(7):191-3.s

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