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Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) There are a number of contributing factors to anyone’s high blood pressure problem. Your case partly may be related to the effects of stress, hardening of the arteries, fluid imbalances, food allergies, etc. It is easy to ignore high blood pressure because there are no particular symptoms. Your first symptom could be a stroke, blindness, dementia, kidney failure, heart attack, or heart failure. As you can see, you do not want to ignore the problem. Treatment

  1. Drugs I can usually treat your blood pressure easily and cheaply with drugs and try to choose drugs that may have other helpful effects besides just lowing blood pressure. Most people do not have unwanted side effects none are permanent. If your blood pressure is dangerously high I will twist your arm to convince you to go ahead and take drugs at least short term to get you out of immediate danger.
  2. Overweight If you are carrying extra fat you are at higher risk for high blood pressure and a lot other problems. Just losing some weight will usually lower your blood pressure.
  3. Diet A low carb diet lowers blood sugar, blood insulin levels, cholesterol and triglycerides. A low carb diet alone can lower your blood pressure. This effect may relate to lowered insulin levels.
  4. Food Allergies food allergies are common and can cause many different symptoms including high blood pressure. Immediate food allergies of course are the type that can cause anaphylactic shock, headache or hives soon after eating. The kind of food allergy that I am talking about here has a delayed type of reaction. For instance wheat is a very common allergen that you could be eating everyday, causing a chronic elevation in blood pressure. There are several ways to diagnose and treat this problem.
  5. Stress Some blood pressure problems immediately and dramatically respond to anti-anxiety drugs. Other ways to deal with this problem include: hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation and of course, if possible, removing the stressors from your life.
  6. IV Therapies Plaquex and Chelation are fantastic rejuvenating therapies that tend to lower blood pressure.
  7. Pressure-FX This is available through Complementary Prescriptions. It is derived from shark cartilage and brings down blood pressure as much as 50 points. It only works in some people and costs about $40 per month, depending on how much you need.
  8. Nattokinase One thing that happens as we age and is also a contributing factor to high blood pressure is thick blood. Natto is a powerful enzyme that thins the blood, making strokes and heart attacks much less likely and as a side effect it lowers blood pressure a little (available at our clinic or in our virtual dispensary via Complementary Prescriptions).
  9. Omega 3’s The best Omega 3’s are derived from fish oil. The most cost effective source is available at the clinic, called EPA/DHA. I suggest up to 2 twice a day for many reasons; lowering your blood pressure is just one of those reasons.
  10. CoQ10 and L Carnatine These are fantastic nutrients with many beneficial effects including lowering blood pressure. I suggest 100 to 200mg CoQ10 per day and 500 to 1000mg of L Carnatine as well. 11. Minerals Zinc, calcium, potassium and especially magnesium in sufficient doses will sometimes help a lot. Magnesium is more effective at 800mg per day.
  11. Melatonin Less than 1mg of this at bed time costs about a nickel will usually lower your blood pressure a few points and is good for many other reasons.
  12. Alpha Lipoic Acid This supplement is fantastic for your health for many reasons. Lowering blood pressure is just one of its’ many beneficial side effects. At the right dose it will bring down your blood pressure 10 to 20 points and works on almost everyone. The dose is 500mg 2-3 times a day. There are many brands that will not work because they are not true Alpha Lipoic Acid and if you do not take a big enough dose, it will also not work. A high grade of Alpha Lipoic Acid is available at our office and on our web site virtual dispensery.
  13. Comprehensive Approach Using Nutrients Nutrients alone don’t always work for lowering blood pressure, but are very good for you anyway. You may start by taking a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula: Alpha Lipoic Acid CoQ10, L Carnatine, Ethyl EPA and Melatonin to see if this alone is sufficient. These nutrients have benefits far beyond lowering blood pressure. Doses are mentioned above. Give it a couple of months to work.
  14. Celery Four stalks of celery everyday brings down blood pressure effectively in some people. You will need to try it for at least a few weeks to see if it works for you. 16. Resistance Weight Training Something as simple as improving your grip strength for 10 minutes a day will lower your blood pressure 10 points in some people.


I’ve been using Complementary Prescriptions for 28 years myself. This is the only source for Pressure-FX. You can reach Complementary Prescriptions via our web site virtual dispensary. A pharmaceutical grade of all of the nutrients mentioned is found at our virtual dispensary. Most of the nutrients can also be found at Nature’s Pharm, Dr. Thayer’s, Sunburst and on the Internet. 85% of our supplements are now made in communist china and there is not much governmental quality control on nutrients at this time. So buyer beware. So for example, a cheap bottle of CoQ10 is almost certain to contain little or no active Co Enzyme Q10. If you buy supplements at our clinic or from our virtual dispensary, you will be buying the real thing at a competitive price.


Dangerously high blood pressure can kill you. Ignoring high blood pressure is a stupid choice. If you are overweight, take measures to lose it. I believe that the nutrients mentioned are all basically good for you in many different ways and I believe should be taken by any aging adult interested in their health (I certainly do).

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