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People call to ask if we treat Lyme disease. The answer would be yes. I’m sure we treat a lot of people who would be positive for Lyme disease whether they have been diagnosed or not. If you look up the symptoms associated with Lyme disease, you will see that they can easily be confused with many other chronic conditions:

  • heavy metal poisoning
  • food allergies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • chronic systemic yeast infection
  • chronic mold exposure
  • Epstein-Barr virus infection; various and sundry other chronic infections
  • fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc.

All of the people with these conditions tend to respond to improving their overall health. This is basic, logical and should be done before testing or treating for any specific condition. In most cases there is no need for specific treatment; just need to get people healthier and feeling good again. Getting your immune system healthier is the best treatment possible for any infection, including Lyme disease.

Most people with Lyme disease will not be identified by the standard Lyme disease blood tests. Far more people will be identified with more sensitive testing. We don’t usually do the testing because most people with Lyme’s symptoms get better by just following our simple advice for improving their immune system function, proving their health and getting them feeling better. So we don’t necessarily treat people with Lyme disease any differently than we treat people who have for instance chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. For a few weeks after being bitten by a disease carrying vector, antibiotics are very successful at curing Lyme’s disease. But for chronic Lyme’s disease I would only think of antibiotics for more severe recalcitrant patients.

Most people who have been bitten and are to some degree Lyme’s positive will respond to improving their general health and the condition of their immune system. This makes them more functional and they feel better.

If getting people healthier is not enough to treat their condition I would consider sending them to a Lyme’s disease specialist. They focus mainly on high dosed antibiotics and may not have any knowledge nor expertise regarding getting people feeling better; healthier; and improving their immune system function. The Lyme disease specialist nearest to Lafayette Indiana is Dr. Lentz. She practices in Zionsville, IN

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