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We all gain wisdom via the school of hard knocks as we age. This is one reward for getting older but a penalty is that we also loose mental horsepower along the way. But there’s a lot you can do to remedy this situation. Some ways to preserve mental function would be: Make sure your sleep is as good as possible. This should be easy with a little help from… See insomnia.

As always, you need all the vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids. You can’t get the optimum dose of nutrients only with healthy eating. You need supplements too. Our multi-4, immune formula and EPA-DHA would cover the basics for good memory and about anything else.

Our hormones have a big impact on brainpower as well. In women, estrogen plummets at menopause. Without enough estrogen a woman will become a dingbat. Men’s estrogen never naturally declines enough to cause this problem. But bodybuilders who artificially lower their estrogen too far will also become dingbats. Eventually, both men and women’s testosterone decline enough cause mental dysfunction.

Growth hormone decline is another contributing factor to aging of the brain (and aging in general) however all of these hormones can be replaced to a younger level. Doing this helps a lot more than just boosting memory.

Piracetam is another trick. There is a story behind this one. Pircetam was developed behind the iron curtain to keep their fighter pilots thinking optimally under stresses like sleep deprivation and high Gs (gravitational forces). It is a derivative of the amino acid/neurotransmitter, GABA and is completely safe/nontoxic at far higher doses than needed for our purposes. One way that piracetam helps memory is to increase your brain’s polyribosomes. These are structures in our brain’s that allow us to recall stuff like why did I come to this room?….what was the point I was trying to make?….what’s his name? The polyribosomes you build while on piracetam will remain viable for several months after you discontinue taking it. A loading dose of piracetam may be something like 4,000 to 8,000m.g daily, divided into 3 doses. Subsequently the daily dose may be 1,500 to 2,500 divided into 2 daily doses. After 6 to 12 months you may be able to quit taking it and still retain the effect for who knows how long. The effect of piracetam would be catapulted by using all of the previous tactics along with adding 2 grams of phosphatidyl choline and a few cups of coffee per day. I use 1,600m.g. of piracetam in the A.M. along with 4 Brain Formula. This is enough to give objective results in my case. I bet not many would need the extra choline if already on the brain formula.

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