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Regarding the condition of homozygous MTHFR C677. This is the main methylation pathway and homozygous means you got the bad gene from both parents.

It means you don’t methylate very well. This can cause all kinds of problems:

  • You don’t make neurotransmitters as easily as a normal person.
  • You don’t make hormones as easily as a person who has normal genes.
  • Homocysteine builds up which causes cardiovascular risks to increase.
  • You don’t make antioxidants as well as a person with normal genes.
  • You are more likely to get cancer.

The defect is treatable by taking 15,000 µg (15 mg) of methyl folate per day.

We sell a compounded form of this product in our office that includes 15 mg methyl folate along with the B12 and B6 cofactors. It costs $70 for three months of treatment.

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