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First off; even though you may have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, your pain may actually have a different cause. See other therapies for pain below. But if the pain is coming from osteoarthritis it may respond well to 1,000m.g. of niacinamide three times per day. It might take a few months to work but you may have other reasons to be taking niacinamide anyway. Niacinamide at these doses is used to treat memory loss, depression and anxiety to name just a few other conditions that respond. Some of the following options would work with osteoarthritis although osteoarthritis may not actually be the cause of your pain. Some selections below treat pain in general and may give you relief in any case.

  1. Glucosamine Sulfate In non-inflammatory arthritis I’ve seen about a 30% cure rate using glucosamine sulfate. For a better chance of working it must be used along with it’s cofactors (vitamins and minerals); our multi 4 would work. Nutrijoint is an expensive, powerful formula that is more effective and works more quickly than plain glucosamine. If it works, you are cured and may stop taking it. Two months gives it enough time to do whatever it is going to do. If your pain is not completely gone I suggest you change to MSM as it is much cheaper for long term use.
  2. MSM (Methylsulfonalmethane) This can be used for any inflammatory and non-inflammatory muscle and joint pain of any type including fibromyalgia. In my clinical experience I’ve noticed it works in about 1/3 of patients with any type of musculo-skeletal pain. MSM is an amazing naturally occurring molecule that is found in all living cells. Unless you take it as a supplement, the biggest dose you will ever receive in your life is from your mother’s milk. Even though it contains sulfur, MSM is not allergenic even if you are allergic to sulfa. This amazing substance has many therapeutic uses, including digestive disorders, diabetes, depression, muscle cramps, allergies, acne, constipation, etc. Practically everyone notices that their hair and nails grow much faster and that their nails become tougher on MSM. For pain MSM is dosed initially at 12,000mg per day in divided doses. MSM is a cheap ingredient so buying it from a quality source such as our clinic is not necessary. You should be able to find 1000mg capsules. So I suggest you start at six capsules twice a day. At this dose the MSM may kick in within a few days, but if it has not worked within three weeks, forget it. If it has begun to work you may try lowering the dose by 1000mg per day every week until you find the lowest effective dose. The reason for finding the lowest effective dose is for convenience and the minor cost considerations.
  3. Trigger Point Injections For severe muscular pain I sometimes offer injections with a strong anti-inflammatory such as cortisone. These injections are usually helpful and sometimes miraculously effective.
  4. Prolotherapy This is an injection technique for certain types of musculoskeletal pain. It will not work on inflammatory arthritis and will also not work on fibromyalgia. In those selected for treatment, the cure rate is about 80%.
  5. D.M.S.O This is a natural liquid anti-inflammatory that may work within minutes. It’s cheap and you can get it at your health food store.
  6. Omega 3 Oils Most of us are pathetically deficient in this precious oil. Supplementing with it has numerous benefits, e.g. improving your cholesterol profile and softening your skin. Flax seed oil is an acceptable source however the most powerful and efficient therapeutic option is derived from fish oil. Most fish oil supplements contain 70% pure triglyceride (fat). I prefer my omega 3 without the fat. The most practical source for you is from our clinic, calledDHA/EPA. The effective dose is 2 capsules twice a day. If it hasn’t worked within 3 months for pain, it is not going to work. For more information on the far reaching health benefits read The Omega Rx Zone by Barry Sears PhD.
  7. Boswellia is an herb found at your health food store; helps some types of pain.
  8. Cherry powder you can find in capsules at your health food store; might work.
  9. Turmeric 400m.g. three times per day may help; health food store.
  10. Ginger 500m.g. twice per day may work; health food store.
  11. Progesterone pills just about always help women in pain; only by Rx at the clinic.
  12. AMP+ is by injection and is very likely to help about any kind of pain; by Rx/ clinic.

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