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Getting Fat and its Relation to Cribbing and Pica.

Cribbing is when horses chew the wood away from their stalls. it is cured by giving them a salt block to lick. But not the kind of salt we use. They won’t lick it unless it is sea salt….which contains the trace minerals they need and are craving.

Pregnant women often crave weird food….probably craving for nutrients missing from their diet needed for the fetus to develop properly….a human equivalent of cribbing?

Pica is when people eat weird stuff, like dirt, ice etc. This could be another human version of cribbing.

The food we eat has become more and more nutrient deficient over the decades of being grown on the same soil. The ground gradually contains fewer minerals. So the food we eat has become more and more of what we refer to as empty calories. This could be one reason you eat and eat yet continue to feel hungry.

Consider this: when you want to fatten up an animal for slaughter, what do you feed them? Do you feed them fat? No, that will satiate them so they won’t eat much of it. You want to give them gain…starch. That turns right into fat.

Another point is that prior to the low fat, high carb craze, our diet contained around 60% fat….saturated fat. We didn’t have an obesity epidemic. As we have lowered the amount of fat in our diets we have become more and more obese.

Eskimos eating the traditional way eat a diet almost entirely of meat and blubber (saturated fat)… not one vegetable; not one fruit. Yet they don’t have arterial disease……until they start adding processed food into their diet.

Your nervous system and brain is almost entirely made of fat, especially cholesterol. Your liver has to regenerate itself gradually every year….mostly made of fat. Your skin and subcutaneous tissue is made mostly of….guess what? fat.

All of the molecules of your body need to be replaced over and over again. This takes vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, protein and fat. If you aren’t eating enough of them you will crave and eat nutrient deficient food, avoid fat, continue to feel hungry…..over eat….and keep gaining weight.

A couple of books that explain these concepts, written by M.D.s, are ”eat fat, get thin” and ”always hungry?”

The low fat, high carb diet should be relegated to the trash heap of medical history along with treatment of syphilis with mercury or drilling holes in people’s heads to let the evil spirits out.

P.S. one of the most nutrient loaded source of food is the egg… need lots of them, especially to rebuild your brain/nervous system/liver/skin…etc. But you will need help finding an ideal source of minerals and trace minerals. You can make an appointment to find out more about getting healthier while losing weight.

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