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13 study subjects with low D levels were given up to 200,000 units of D followed by daily doses of a few thousand units. This wasn’t enough to get them to where I would want to be but got them out of the hole they were in.

A comparison was made between the 3 months before the D and the 3 months after vitamin D was started.

  • 10 of the 13 subjects had fewer seizures
  • 2 of them had more seizures.
  • One had just as many as he had in the first 3 months.
  • But overall, there was an average seizure reduction of 40%.
  • 5 patients had reduced their number of seizures by more than 50%.
  • One study subject began the study with a level less than 4 ng/ml and raised their level to 43.1 ng/ml. this caused the number of seizures to drop from 450 to 30.

Of course the conclusion was the typical horse crap and went something like…”we need more studies before anyone actually tries to help themselves with vitamin D” If I had epilepsy I sure wouldn’t wait for “more studies”. There are plenty of other reasons to take D anyway. And I wouldn’t confine myself to the doses they used. I believe a level closer to 100 is healthier for many reasons. I bet if all epileptics brought their D levels up to an optimum range there would be far less need for the anti-seizure drugs.

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