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Advanced Weight Loss Treatment in Lafayette IN

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This option is expensive and hard-core; but delivers results that cannot be obtained any other way. We expect 20 to 30 pounds of weight loss in six weeks with this method. The diet only allows 500 to 800 cal per day, which would be just about impossible to tolerate without the tiny, daily injections of hCG. Any other way of causing weight loss also sets your instincts into survival mode. Your body will pull every trick in the book to get you to regain the weight back up to where you started (your set point). If you do a good job losing weight with the hCG protocol, an amazing thing happens; your set point is usually reset at the new lower weight. To do this protocol successfully you must learn the ropes, clear the deck and be focused into the single minded purpose of losing fat…. If ready to learn more click on hCG and Weight Loss.

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