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Lack Of Deep Sleep Treatment in Lafayette IN

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Sleep: a chronic lack of good deep sleep is a health disaster in progress. Deep sleep is the time when your body repairs itself and gets rid of the metabolic waste products that build up during the day; like the maintenance crew that comes in to repair, repaint, clean and take out the garbage after the kids on spring break in Florida. So without good sleep it is like living in body that is a trashed out mess.

For one thing, we know that the lack of deep sleep is partly responsible for the buildup of garbage in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease. The lack of deep sleep is associated with weight gain, depression and a poor immune system that can contribute to health problems like cancer….The list goes on and on. That’s why I said that the lack of good sleep is a health disaster in progress. Besides that, for the short term, if you don’t get good quality sleep, of course you are not going to be recharged for the next day.

I assume that anyone reading this has enough common sense to know that getting to bed on time and sleeping in a quiet, dark place is basic. Beyond this, you can start with Melatonin at 3mg. Every night, increase the dose to a maximum of 21mg per night. 3, 10, and 20mg doses are available at the clinic. 5-HTP is another option. 5-HTP can be dosed from 100 to 600mg at bedtime. For sleepless women, 90% respond perfectly to pure natural progesterone. There are many natural/herbal remedies for sleep that usually don’t work. But we do have a couple of natural formulas at the clinic that sometimes work well. You can ask for a free sample. That exhausts my natural tricks for sleep, but I believe if you are still not sleeping at this point it’s better to take a drug to sleep than to lay miserably awake. Benadryl or Unisom are over-the-counter and actually work well in many. If none of this works, I can prescribe a sleeping medication for you.

One option for diagnosis is sending you home with equipment that measures several physiologic parameters as you sleep e.g. your brain waves, oxygenation, respirations, snoring etc. this is an inexpensive, high-tech way of evaluating the efficiency of your sleep.

Sleep apnea is extremely common, seriously underdiagnosed and can cause everything from fatigue to memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, kidney failure and heart attack.

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