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In 2013 when I had my yearly checkup with Dr. Turner, it was casually mentioned that I have moderate difficulties with seasonal allergies. Dr. Turner informed me that if I would take the Immune Formula twice a day that my seasonal allergies would disappear. Inside my head, I am thinking. “That is ridiculous! I have had seasonal allergies my entire 62 years of life!!” And also, inside my head, I am thinking, “You’re on, mister. I accept the challenge.”

And so began my faithful journey with Dr. Turner’s oral supplement, Immune Formula. I seem to be quite forgetful in the evenings, and ended up taking only one pill with my morning supplements, not one twice a day, as he suggested. I was careful to take it after breakfast as it upsets my stomach if taken without food. But I was faithful to my once a day Immune Formula, beginning in November of 2013.

As so often happens, we soon forget how miserable we have felt. In April of 2014, my fellow allergy sharing sister asked me through nasal tones, “Why aren’t you having a hard time this year? The pollen count is higher than it has been in years!” And then I remembered. My sister was right. For the first spring in my entire life I was not taking daily allergy medicine or steroids as I had as a child. The Immune Formula was working it’s magic in my body. What joy!

I told my sister all about it. She promptly also began taking the Immune Formula every day. As for me, I wanted to wait until autumn and harvest time to be sure it was not a fluke. But now it is a year later, November of 2014. Harvest is over and we have had a killing frost. I sailed through harvest season, once in a while taking an over the counter decongestant. Not once did I have uncontrolled sneezing nor a “head full” that made me want to lie down and rest. I remember as recently as spring of 2013 frequent washing of my hair and pillow case to reduce the pollen in my bedroom in order to sleep without constant sneezing.

Once again, Doctor Turner has improved the quality of my life. I would not have believed it was possible to not suffer from allergies in the spring, summer and fall. For as I mentioned, that has been my life for over sixty years. My Mother used to give me portions of my dad’s steroid pills because I sneezed so much on our country dirt road surrounded by corn and beans. No, I did not believe it was possible to be free from this life long problem. My grateful heart rejoices for the gift of Charles Turner, M.D.. His genius has proved the impossible to be possible in my life and the lives of countless others in our community as well as the mid west and beyond. Christmas joy and peace, Susan Greene

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