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It is far easier to prevent cancer than to treat it. There are many supplements that dramatically decrease your chances of getting cancer.

In general, cancers take years of slowly growing before they become detectable. From the time a cancer could possibly be detected until it finally kills its host may be from a few months to many years. The key to prevention is to routinely take these preventative substances before cancer develops. You will see how easy it should be to prevent cancer as long as you realize that you must take these supplements consistently as part of your lifelong daily habit.

Below are listed but a very few of the many cancer preventing natural substances:

Vitamin D: this vitamin has a big impact on how our immune system functions. There are many studies that point out its cancer preventing ability. One study of 4,000 people over 4 years taking only 1,000 units of Vitamin D (a young person can manufacture this amount in one minute of summer sun) showed a 77% decrease in cancer incidence.

Iodine: in non-smokers less than 65 years old, the #1 cancer killer for men is prostate cancer. For women it is breast cancer. In Japan these cancers are uncommon. But after the Japanese move to our country and adopt our horrible diet, their incidence of these cancers increases several times to match ours. The culprit that is responsible for our drastically high death rate from these cancers is the lack of iodine in our diet. The average American gets about 50 micrograms of iodine in his diet (mostly from iodized salt). The average Japanese intake is 13,800 micrograms (mostly from seaweed). Increasing your iodine intake will improve your health in many more ways than just cancer prevention.

Progesterone: this hormone is strongly anti-breast cancer. Studies show up to a 70% reduction in breast cancer incidence for those women who supplement with bio-identical progesterone at menopause.

Melatonin: although best known for its use in treating insomnia, melatonin provides many other benefits. For instance, there are almost 1,000 studies elucidating melatonin’s cancer preventing qualities.

Resveratrol: there are many animal studies that point to resveratrol as possibly being the most potent anti-cancer substance in existence. But besides this, the same could be said of resveratrol in preventing diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

1,3 beta glucan: this substance has many potential benefits but is best known for its strong positive influence on our immune systems. It is used in cancer treatment and prevention but can also help with wound healing and heart attack prevention.

Red yeast rice extract: in alternative medicine this supplement is mainly used to lower cholesterol but it has many other benefits. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, red yeast also reduces heart attacks by 37%, all causes of death decrease by 32%, stroke by 44% and cancer is reduced by 51%.

At innovative medicine we have “immune formula” manufactured with several of the above ingredients included at appropriate doses for an economical price.

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