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Grow your hair back and return your white hair to its original color with our Hair Formula

As unbelievable as it sounds, this is a stunning treatment for those who respond. It is like a miracle but only works if you do it right and only works in half of people. The main reason for failure is inability to follow instructions (stupidity). We sell the hair formula at the office but you may not buy only one bottle at a time.

You may only purchase 6 at a time. This helps to keep you from failing to take enough of it long enough to get it to work. The instructions for taking it are not on the bottle. You need to take 8 caps twice a day for 3 months. 6 bottles will last 3 month. This will give you plenty of time to see if you are a responder. It usually kicks in at 6 to 8 weeks. The bald areas start to fill in with short hair stubbles all at once; the white roots also begin to come in at their original color and texture. Your skin also becomes thicker, less wrinkled, not dry…younger!

Once the miracle begins you may try backing off to 7 caps twice a day for a week. If the new hair isn’t falling out and the roots are not coming in white you can try decreasing to 6 caps for a week to see if the miracle is still happening….then 5 twice per day etc. If you get to a dose that is too small for you, your roots will begin to come in white again and the hair you gained will fall out all at once. So when that happens you will know you need a little higher dose.

After many months of treatment you can try to lower your dose again as you may need less and less over time and eventually you may not need any at all to maintain youthful hair and skin. Even if that happens I would recommend taking at least 2 per day or eventually your hair and skin will start aging again.

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