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GcMAF is found in every cell of a healthy person’s body…..helps us heal. Since it is naturally occurring, it is not patentable. So natural substances are of no use to the drug companies as there is no profit in them.

Powerful, cheap, natural cures provide competition to big Pharma. The drug companies don’t like competition so they turn to their version of the Mafia (the FDA) to squelch competitors. Big Pharma spends more money than any other industry advertising. Big Pharma spends more money buying off our politicians than any other industry. Big Pharma makes sure they buy off the editors of all the journals. And guess who funds almost all of the medical studies.

The drug companies are not stupid enough to hire researchers who will come up with the wrong answers. They hire the best researchers money can buy; just like the best politicians money can buy… To come up with the answers they paid for.

There is enough money on the line that the drug companies apparently will go to any length to secure profits; including trashing competitors in any way possible.

They also hire disinformation shills to populate the Internet with their version of the truth. I assume this is an example… (click here)

So it is very dangerous for a Doctor to promote powerful, natural cures that could ruin business for big Pharma. An example of this you will find by clicking here. It appears the drug companies have used their enforcers (soulless scum) to do their bidding. The link provides evidence that several alternative doctors met untimely deaths in strange ways for daring to speak the truth.

Below are several links to learn more of the dangerous truth that got these doctors killed.

As is typical of most expensive supplements, most versions of GcMAF are worthless garbage. I guess this is the best place from which to purchase a form that may actually work.

By the way, I do not make any money off of giving you this information and put my life at risk to do so.

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