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Iodoral (Iodine and Iodide)

Since some tissues in the body need iodine and others iodide, this (Iodoral) is the preferred method of iodine replacement. The pill contains 12.5mg of iodine/iodide. The average intake of iodine in Japan is 13.8mg, the average intake in the United States is somewhere between 25mcg and 150 millionths of a gram. So our average intake is about 80 times less than the average Japanese person. The largest contributor to our pathetic intake is found in iodized salt.

A good way to replace your iodine stores is to take 4 Iodoral tablets per day for 3 months. To maintain your iodine stores you may take 1 tablet per day. This is still a little less than the average Japanese person gets in their diet every day. Among other things this may be doing for them, it may be decreasing their cancer risk, especially breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. At our clinic a six month supply of iodoral can be obtained for $48.00. The same amount of iodine is also included in our multi-4, multi-2 and in our immune formula.

SSKI (Super Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide) This form is liquid and is cheap, $12.00 per bottle at our clinic. It contains only one form, iodide. So it is not ideal for daily use because some of our tissues need the iodine form. It still is a good option for rapidly filling your empty void at very little cost.

Thyroid Your thyroid gland will not function without iodine. Iodine has been used to treat both low and high thyroid conditions. Especially if you have hypothyroid symptoms, the iodine may eventually help this condition. If you become hyperthyroid while on iodine (too stimulated) you will have to decrease your dose or stop completely. It is also possible for too much iodine to cause hypothyroidism. Although I have never seen this.

Hormones As men and women age, our metabolism of estrogens becomes log jammed. We can prove this to you with expensive blood tests before and after treatment. Replenishing your iodine stores over time can fix this problem.

Fibrocystic breast disease/ ovarian cysts Eight drops of SSKI per day for a few months should take care of these problems. I suggest that after this time you switch to the Iodoral pills or one of our multi formulas for maintenance.

Bladder Infections 10 drops of SSKI in water or juice every couple of hours while awake will usually work within one to two days. If it is not taken care of in a few days you will probably need an antibiotic.

Sore Throat 10 to 20 drops of SSKI in a small amount of water- gargle and swallow three times per day as needed. This may relieve the pain right away and knock out the infection within two to three days. If not, you may need an antibiotic.

Ear ache, cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc You can follow the same instructions as in bladder infections, but should limit your dose to three times per day. If this method has not worked within three days you may need to be treated by a physician (of course if you are seriously ill you need to call your doctor or go to the ER).

Contaminated water While traveling outside the country you may run into questionable water. A couple of drops of SSKI in a glass of water will kill a lot of bacteria and make the water safer to drink.

Sebaceous cysts A 50/50 mixture of SSKI and DMSO rubbed on the cysts a couple of times a day may make them disappear within a couple of weeks. This mixture is available at our clinic for $14.00.

Teenage pimples A 50/50 mixture of SSKI and DMSO rubbed into the pimple every hour or two while awake can make it disappear in a day or two. This mixture is available at our clinic for $14.00.

Toenail fungus Even conventional anti-fungal drug treatments take months to work and iodine doesn’t work any faster, but it is cheaper. A 50/50 mixture of SSKI and DMSO can be rubbed on around the affected toenail a couple of times a day. Be sure to wear old socks because the iodine stains brown.

Infected hangnails A 50/50 mixture of SSKI and DMSO rubbed onto the affected area several times a day can cure the problem within days.

Emphysema Six drops of SSKI per day loosens secretions and is an effective anti-microbial too. It can decrease the infections that often accompany emphysema.

Staining When SSKI is applied to skin it leaves an orange-brown color which fades gradually. It also stains clothing which can be permanent.

Iodine allergy is possible It can cause a red rash which will go away when iodine is discontinued. When taken by mouth a SSKI allergy is very rare but can cause anaphylactic shock and death.

Thyroid suppression Taking large quantities of iodine for an extended period of time can sometimes suppress thyroid function. When taking iodine drops for a short period of time, the risk of this is extremely low. Even with continuous use, nine or fewer drops of SSKI daily will rarely result in thyroid suppression. If you suspect you have become hypothyroid secondary to the SSKI your thyroid functions should be tested. This thyroid suppression can be properly reversed by discontinuing the use of SSKI. It would be highly unlikely to have thyroid suppression by the topical use of SSKI.

I believe that everyone should take iodine everyday for general purposes. There is good reason to believe that higher levels of iodine will dramatically reduce your risk of hormone related cancers, including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. These levels of iodine may improve your thinking, energy level and longevity. To understand why I think this way, please ready the book, Iodine Why You Need It and Why You Can Not Live Without It by David Brownstein, M.D. You may order the book at or at 1-888-647-5616. You can find more information or order online at Also, the same doses present in Iodoral are found as just one of many ingredients found in our multi formualas and in our immune formula. Please be advised that should you ask your typical mainstream physician about this type of therapy they will most likely consider it voodoo, nonsense and possibly dangerous. This goes for practically any non-standard therapy. I know this because I would have thought the same thing before I became more familiar with the non standard therapies that I recommend.

The mainstream medical advice would likely be that you avoid this therapy. The typical comment would be something like this, “There have not been enough studies to prove these doses of iodine are safe and effective.” Even though there have been many studies done, as iodine cannot be patented it is not profitable enough to be promoted into mainstream use.

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