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Testosterone for chronic pain

Low testosterone causes low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, loss of motivation, depressed mood, and in some it causes, night sweats. Low testosterone is a problem that is easy to treat with testosterone injections. Testosterone is a great rejuvenator for men if levels are returned to a younger level. You may ask why we would use injections to treat low testosterone over rubbing it onto the skin. This is because the injections give a much more obvious effect. Why? Because, via the trans-dermal route most of the testosterone ends up bound; less available. Most of what is injected circulates as free testosterone; fully available to treat the symptoms of low testosterone.

If you find a doctor who will measure your level, he will only treat you if you fall into the lowest 2.5% for your age. If you are in the lowest 3%, you will be offered Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. These are very useful for erections but have none of the other benefits of testosterone. If you are lucky enough to fall below the lab’s reference range, you get a tiny dose via trans-dermal gel, cream or a patch. The retail cost may be $230/month and it will bring you up into the normal range for an older man. Bringing a 60 year old’s level up to the average 60 year old will just be a frustrating waste of money. This is what you can expect from a well-trained, mainstream physician. Don’t blame them, this is the same way I was trained. But don’t despair, there’s hope. They will then diagnose you with a Prozac deficiency and prescribe an antidepressant; so no erections and no sex drive but you may not care as much.

I have many years of experience replacing testosterone. First, prescribing the creams, gels, patches and pellets. Then, when I saw the difference with injections..WOW!

The injections leave the other methods in the dust. Most men have an improvement in sexual function. The next most common improvement is in energy level. Other common improvements are in mood, motivation, strength, chronic pain and mental function. Almost no one gets a boost in all areas and there are very few who don’t find it worth taking, either.

Injections costs about $10 to $25 per week depending on the dose required to feel your best.

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