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Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin. Tt is a steroid hormone with a structure similar to testosterone, cortisone, estrogen and progesterone. It’s actions are far and wide with research pouring in at high speed the past few years. Even some mainstream docs are starting to check their patients for deficiency. For the latest research check out

Vitamin D deficiency is certainly related to many cancers and likely will eventually be connected to all cancers. The higher your level, the more protected you are. Vitamin D deficiency is also related to increased risk of infection, most notably the flu. Higher levels are protective. Vitamin D deficiency is related to depressed mood. You can’t think without Vitamin D either. Low levels of Vitamin D are related to more pain in general. Some cases of fibromyalgia disappear with Vitamin D repletion. Low levels of Vitamin D also make it easier to gain weight and more difficult to lose weight.

Can you take too much Vitamin D? According to our all wise and intelligent government bureaucrats, 2,000 units is the upper level of safety. A young person can make this much in 2 minutes in the sun. We gradually lose the ability to make Vitamin D as we age. We are far less capable of making it by age 60.

In the early 1900′s mainstream doctors Rxed 150,000 units daily as a moderate dose. But the “more is better group” were giving doses between 500,000 and a million units per day. This made people sick, so the overreaction resulted in today’s ridiculous government recommendations.

These high doses were effectively used to treat all sorts of immune system problems such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. The low levels recommended today have left this market wide open for the pharmaceutical companies. What a coincidence.

What is a good level? The best blood test for Vitamin D is….Vitamin D, 25,0H. A level between 32 and 100 is considered normal. Normal is only related to what is normally found. Don’t think it implies healthy because it certainly doesn’t. If your doctor finds you at 32 he thinks you are fine. I beg to differ. As your level increases, your health increases. A level toward the high end is far better than lower levels.

There are Vitamin D experts who try for levels approaching 200 to treat certain conditions. More on this can be researched at You can find 5,000unit and 10,000unit caps of D3 at our clinic. 5,000 units of D3 are also found as part of our Bone Formula, multi-1, Multi-2, Multi-4 and Super Immune Formula. None of the formulas we have manufactured for our clinic contain calcium. Because you can become toxic with calcium if taking high doses of D3.

Megadosing vit D3 depletes cofactors that help vitamin D work. The main cofactor is magnesium. This deficiency can cause all kinds of symptoms. It is usually the first one to cause problems when megadosing D. The second is K2. When it becomes deficient you get soft tissue calcification and kidney stones. After being on very high doses for years you may run into zinc, boron or selenium deficiencies. These problems can be avoided by supplementing with them. Another big caveat when even taking five to ten thousand units of D3 is to avoid calcium supplements and maybe even hard cheese if megadosing. Also, checking lab tests along the way when megadosing would be smart.

Here is a video of a doctor who had thousands of patients on 30,000 D3 with lots of amazing benefits. He said problems at that dose were “rare”.

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