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There could be many contributing factors to this problem, like old age, depression, fatigue and chronic pain syndromes. But when you were younger, You probably one of been horny, anyway, as you had the hormones of youth.

So the main thing one can do to improve their sex drive is to replace the hormones of youth.

For women: This is estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Testosterone is the most important one and for women can be replaced with DHEA 50 mg in the morning. Women very efficiently convert DHEA to testosterone. If this does not do the trick then a little testosterone cream, put on a sensitive little place I will leave to your imagination can treat the problem.

For men: testosterone usually works. Testosterone applied on the skin is a weak way that usually doesn’t work. Injections work well in most cases.

Anything else you can do to improve your health may also improve your libido. This would include a low-carb, high-protein diet; consistent hard pushing exercise, and plenty of supplements.

Two more sophisticated ways to improve your health and set the clock back would be with growth hormone and stem cells. You can get your growth hormone up with injections that we provide at the office and you can increase the length of the telomeres on your stem cells with product B.

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