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At innovative medicine one of our main focuses is to improve people’s quality of life. Most people could use more energy. There are many ways to improve people’s energy other than taking a pill. For those options click here.

There are many different ingredients that can be put in a pill to give energy. Depending on the type of therapy, some give energy within a few minutes, others need to be titrated for affect…. Some work in almost everyone and others only work in some people……

Thyroid – among many other abilities, thyroid hormone adjusts our metabolism/energy. So for those people complaining of symptoms of low thyroid (including low energy), depending on their labs and other circumstances, we often give them a trial on thyroid hormone to see if it will improve their energy…. It works in 99% of cases. It is only available by prescription.

Amphetamines – the street name for this class of drug is “speed”. It is a highly controlled medication as some people like it too much…. especially when they inject it into their veins. But the main use for amphetamines is ADHD in children. If the dose is not high enough it does absolutely nothing. At an effective dose the amphetamines are calming, focusing, energizing, motivating, appetite suppressing and mood elevating. If the dose becomes high enough, some people will feel a euphoria that could lead to addiction. One of my four board certifications is in addiction medicine. We currently have about 100 patients on amphetamines and have been treating with this class of drugs for two decades……. have run into potential abuse only twice so far. Vyvanse is an amphetamine that has been approved for binge eating disorder. We have dozens of patients on Vyvanse. It improves their ability to control their appetite and of course has all the other benefits of the other amphetamines, including increased energy. The amphetamines are also used for adult ADD. The amphetamines are only available by prescription.

Nootropics - these are ingredients that improve brain function/IQ. A side effect for many is increased energy.

At innovative medicine you can ask for a sample of four different kinds of energy pills that each contain different combinations of nootropics.

Adrafinil - is a chemical precursor to modafinil. It is available without a prescription at this point in our police state. In our experience adrafinil works the same as modafinil. At our clinic adrafinil is available at a clinically effective dose as one of the ingredients in one of the energy pills that we compound on site. Established patients can ask for a sample of our energy pills.

Ephedrine - this molecule works somewhat similar to caffeine so if you take enough to improve energy it also may make one jittery.

Caffeine - many over-the-counter energy pills count on caffeine to do the job.

There are many other natural substances that may increase energy to some degree:

Bitter orange, CoQ10, ATP, AMP, B12, the B vitamins. Bee pollen, Royal Jelly, Spirulina, Gotu Kola, etc. But most do nothing for most people when taken by mouth. ATP, AMP and B12 can have a powerfully energizing effect if taken by injection. In our current police state we can still prescribe B12 by injection but ATP and AMP won’t be available again until president Trump may be able to drain the sickening, corrupt swamp he faces in Washington DC.

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